Our Purpose

Berea Baptist Church exists to give the people of Metro Knoxville the best opportunity to become fully developing followers of Jesus by; Inviting them to an intimate relationship with God through the new birth, Connecting them in healthy relationships with other  Christians, Guiding them   toward an authentic commitment to God, Involving them in life-changing ministry and mission  in  our  city  and  the  world  that  they  may, Honor God completely, showing His glory.

Our Mission

Berea Baptist Church’s core mission is the evangelism of the lost and discipleship of the saved to produce a fully functioning mature believer that will lead others to the Lord Jesus Christ. This core mission is achieved through;

• LOCAL OUTREACH - An active neighbor outreach through visitation, gospel tract distribution, public ministry and evangelistic meetings.

• DISCIPLESHIP – Dynamic, relevant teaching with a strong emphasis on the believer’s relationship with Jesus Christ, teaching how to have a truly close and rewarding relationship with God.

• HOME LIFE AND MARRIAGE - A strong emphasis is placed on developing and maintaining a Christian home, peace with family members and proper relationships in our homes. Each family member is important to us and we strive to provide relevant discipleship that each home may find “a slice of heaven in the home”.

• HOME MISSION OUTREACH – An active national outreach in which the Church provides monetary and prayer support to like minded ministries across our region and country. These ministries include; juvenile outreach, prison ministries, church planters and others in full time gospel ministry. Home Missions are supported through the Faith Promise Program of Berea Baptist Church.

• MISSIONS ABROAD - An active worldwide outreach in which we fulfill the great commission by sending others to reach the people of the “regions beyond” with the gospel of Jesus Christ providing monetary and prayer support to like minded missionaries from other independent churches, believing all monetary support should go to the missionary, not a convention or association. Missions abroad are supported through the Faith Promise Program of Berea Baptist Church.

• FAITH PROMISE - A wonderfully simple plan which each member can personally participate in the support of missions at home and abroad. Faith Promise is giving beyond the Lord’s tithe by purposing to consistently give a set amount specifically to support missions outside the church. 100% of Faith Promise giving is sent to missionaries.